2021 End-of-Year Reflection

December 22, 2021

News Type:  Director's Corner
Author:  Dolores Subia BigFoot, SPRC Co-Director


It is a wondrous fact that we are made of star material. I reflect on this and share it often. Science has affirmed what stories have told for generations. Every human being consists of star material; our legacy started billions of years ago.

In my Native culture, we hold a sacred belief that we are Star People. When times are hard, this belief fortifies me, reminding me of our innate and collective ability to not just keep going, but to keep growing and uplift one another. As we stand in our struggles, we attest that stars shine brightest in the darkest of nights. As human beings made of star material, we show our truest strength in times of difficulty.

This has been abundantly clear during the pandemic that has gripped our world and turned it upside down. From the individuals keeping their households intact by juggling work, kids, and schooling; to those suffering illness, hospitalization, or loss; to the frontline workers risking their lives for others—our capacity for courage in the face of adversity has been on extraordinary display.

But the pandemic has also tested our resilience like never before, and as it stretches on, many of us are feeling understandably exhausted by the uncertainty and changing timelines. Entering a new year with lingering stress and unpredictability may be uncomfortable, disorienting, or even painful—if you’re feeling that right now, you’re not alone.

This moment calls on us to remember we will endure through our connection to others—those who have come before, those who stand near, and those who come after. When the darkness overwhelms, sometimes we need the collective light of other stars to guide our way.

As we close out one season and begin another, I invite you to pause and grab yourself a little bit of star dust. Be present for yourself and others, hug yourself and your loved ones, and know that you are a bright Star. Rest in the grounding of generations—the legacy of stars that have brought us here today.

Renewing our connection to each other will help sustain us and bolster our commitment to suicide prevention and mental well-being into the new year.

Wishing you and your loved ones health and happiness in 2022,

Dolores Subia BigFoot

SPRC Co-Director