ARIZONA: Rise in Inmate Suicides, Attempts, at Pima County Jail Tied to Opioid Epidemic

October 05, 2018

News Type:  Weekly Spark, Weekly Spark News
Speaker:  Arizona

Arizona Daily Star

Arizona’s Pima County Jail is working to prevent suicide among inmates at risk. A recent report assessed suicide risk among inmates and found that those in withdrawal from opioids or alcohol are at highest risk. The report also identified other risk factors, including behavioral health diagnoses, prior bookings, and recently entering detention. To address inmates’ behavioral health needs, the jail has partnered with health care provider Centurion, which is rolling out suicide risk assessment and monitoring those at risk for drug or alcohol withdrawal. The jail has also taken steps to improve inmate safety by modifying its space to remove methods of self-harm and increasing access to health care providers. The report recommended that Pima and Centurion develop policies for identifying and monitoring inmates at high risk for suicide, especially in the three to five days after booking.

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