AUSTRALIA: ACT Invests $1.5m in the Black Dog Institute’s Suicide Prevention Trial

November 16, 2018

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Third Sector

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) plans to implement a comprehensive suicide prevention approach. In partnership with the Black Dog Institute, the ACT government will roll out LifeSpan, a multi-pronged, community-based approach to preventing suicide. LifeSpan’s nine strategies include improving emergency and follow-up care, providing evidence-based treatment, reducing access to suicide methods, and promoting mental health in schools. The Black Dog Institute is currently testing the approach at four sites in the state of New South Wales. Evaluations at these sites will help inform implementation in the ACT region. “This is a great example of a partnership between government, non-government sectors, and community working together towards a common goal: suicide prevention,” said Fiona Shard, the institute’s research director for LifeSpan.

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