CALIFORNIA: Marin Unveils First Countywide Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan

March 27, 2020

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Marin Independent Journal

Marin county’s first suicide prevention strategic plan is bringing together schools, hospitals, government agencies, and law enforcement to prevent suicide by youth and adults. It addresses both suicide prevention and responses to suicide deaths in the community. The plan’s seven key strategies are:  1) establishing leadership and accountability to the plan, 2) developing a coordinated system of care, 3) launching a public awareness campaign, 4) providing training and education to all Marin residents, 5) providing outreach to all residents and targeted outreach to those disproportionately affected, 6) fostering safe environments at schools, and 7) reducing access to lethal means for people at risk. “It’s not a siloed approach — we’re really talking about how we can all come together and offer coordination of care,” said Jei Africa, behavioral health and recovery services director for Marin County.

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