COVID-19 Adds to Challenges for LGBTQ Youth

July 17, 2020

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American Heart Association News

COVID-19 may add to the mental health challenges of LGBTQ young people. According to a recent report from The Trevor Project, physical distancing could separate LGBTQ youth from already limited sources of support. For those who lack caring relationships at home, being cut off from social networks could be especially hard. In addition to potentially unsafe home environments, LGBTQ youth are more likely to experience discrimination within the health care system. These challenges could put LGBTQ youth at increased risk for suicide or mental health issues, which Trevor hopes to address. Since their report was released in April, schools and agencies have reached out to them for guidance on how to support LGBTQ youth during the pandemic. Houston psychologist Megan A. Mooney recommended that young people who are struggling reach out to their local LGBTQ center or seek counseling via telehealth. LBGTQ youth need to know that help is available, said Mooney. “There are allies out there. There are others like you. And that is important to know. This isn’t going to last forever. We are all going to be able to see each other again.”

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