NEW HAMPSHIRE: Young Adults Raising Awareness in Carroll County

July 26, 2019

News Type:  Weekly Spark, Weekly Spark News
Speaker:  New Hampshire

United Way News

Young adults in Carroll County recently received training in substance abuse and suicide prevention. Ages 18 to 25, participants included social work graduates, first responders, people in recovery, parents, and school and hospital staff. Trainees learned how to recognize and respond to those in crisis and connect them with community resources. They also learned how to talk about substance abuse and suicide safely and respectfully—for example, through person-first language, such as “person with an addiction” instead of “addict.” The National Alliance for Mental Illness New Hampshire (NAMI NH) led the training in partnership with the Carroll County Coalition for Public Health (C3PH). “A significant piece of what our trainees learn is about offering hope and letting people know recovery is possible, that they are not alone, people care, and help is available” said Ann Duckless of the NAMI NH Connect Program.

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