NEW JERSEY: Montclair State Joins JED Campus to Expand Support for Student Mental Health

December 22, 2017

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Speaker:  New Jersey

Montclair State University News

Montclair State University is teaming up with The Jed Foundation (JED) to expand the mental health support that it provides to students. The university has joined JED Campus, an initiative designed to promote mental health and well-being on campuses around the country. During its multi-year partnership, JED will help Montclair State plan, evaluate, and improve its mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention programming. “JED Campus helps schools by working with them to survey everything they are doing to support their students’ emotional health, and find practical ways to augment these efforts in a comprehensive way,” said JED Executive Director John McPhee. Montclair State currently offers counseling and crisis services, discussions on identity and cultural competence, and referrals to mental health treatment. The university also recently received a federal Garrett Lee Smith grant to help establish a statewide campus suicide and violence prevention consortium.

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