Tackling the Stigma: Copline Hotline Helps Officers Struggling with Mental Health

January 19, 2018

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Asbury Park Press

A national hotline is providing confidential, 24/7 mental health support to law enforcement officers. Founded in 2006, Copline is a resource for officers who are struggling with trauma, depression, or other forms of stress. It is staffed by retired officers who are trained in active listening and peer support. “Cops are far more likely to speak to other officers who they believe have a basis for understanding the realities of a career in law enforcement,” said Jay Nagdimon, a police psychologist for the Los Angeles Police Department. According to experts, high suicide rates among law enforcement officers may be linked to the dangers of their work and a fear that seeking help may cost them their job. To address those concerns, Copline maintains confidentiality, even for callers at high risk, and provides crisis intervention support and referrals to mental health services as needed. International Association of Chiefs of Police former President Zakhary Yost said, “Copline could open the door for an opportunity for someone to get the professional help they need.”

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