TENNESSEE: Centerstone expands suicide outreach help

February 19, 2016

News Type:  Weekly Spark News
Speaker:  Tennessee

Shelbyville Times-Gazette

Centerstone, a large, community-based behavioral health and addictions services provider in Tennessee, has further developed its Crisis Care Services. Two new, statewide suicide prevention grants from SAMHSA are funding this effort with the goals of decreasing suicide deaths and attempts, and promoting long-term connection with mental health services among youth and young and working-age adults who are suicide attempt survivors. Enhanced follow-up services will be provided that will include both face-to-face and telephone contact. According to Jennifer Armstrong, director of Crisis Care Services at Centerstone, “With our new enhanced services, we’re increasing our reach, partnering with local hospitals and taking an in-depth approach to outreach and follow-up support that reduces relapse, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. Our goal is to support our clients until we’re confident they are safely supported beyond our care.” Early results from pilot sites show success. More clients have been connected to follow-up care, no additional suicide attempts have occurred, and the number of partnerships with other providers across the state is growing.

Spark Extra! For more information and resources on follow-up care for suicide attempt survivors, look at the Transition section of the Zero Suicide Toolkit.