Text Your Friends. It Matters More Than You Think.

August 05, 2022

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The New York Times

An increasing body of research suggests small moments of connection are key to well-being. In a new study, participants significantly underestimated how much people in their social circles enjoyed hearing from them. Reaching out by phone, text, or email tended to be more appreciated by the recipient than the initiator expected, especially when the casual check-in was a surprise. Another study found having positive social interactions may help increase feelings of purposefulness in older adults. While connection has a large impact on mental health, it is common to underrate how much others value us, according to Marisa Franco, a psychologist and assistant clinical professor at the University of Maryland. But these findings suggest daily connections with others are important, even if they feel awkward or vulnerable. “To be functioning at our best, we need to be in a connected state,” said Franco. “Just like you need to eat, like you need to drink, you need to be connected to be functioning well.”

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