UNITED KINGDOM: This Is How You Should Be Treated at Work if You’re Struggling with Mental Health Issues

November 03, 2017

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A new UK government report found significant mental health challenges in the workplace, with 15 percent of UK employees reporting symptoms of a current mental disorder. In addition, the report found that mental health issues contribute to significant financial cost in the form of lost jobs and reduced productivity. The authors laid out six core standards for promoting workplace mental health that all organizations should implement. These include the following: (1) develop and implement a workplace mental health plan, (2) foster mental health awareness among employees, (3) encourage an open dialogue about mental health, (4) provide good working conditions, (5) develop effective management practices, and (6) learn to recognize and respond to employees who are struggling. The report also outlined longer term recommendations for public sector employers and large companies, such as ensuring transparency and accountability for upholding mental health standards and facilitating employee disclosure.

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