WASHINGTON: Seattle High School’s Suicide Prevention Team Helps Save Lives

June 21, 2019

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Speaker:  Washington

K5 News

Teens at a Seattle high school are working to prevent suicide among their peers. Made up of about 40 students, the Roosevelt High School Suicide Prevention Team teaches classmates how to recognize the warning signs of suicide. The team also organizes forums, such as gatherings and events, where students can share their struggles. To encourage open discussion about mental health, the team made buttons saying “Crush the Stigma,” “I have anxiety,” and “I have depression,” which are worn by students throughout the school. According to Team Co-president Cara Rogan, “The people that do come forward and say, ‘Hi, my life is not all sunshine all the time, and I am a real person, and I do cry, and I do have depression,’ I think that those people are the ones that are going to make a difference.”

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