WISCONSIN: Suicide prevention group creates action plan

March 18, 2016

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Speaker:  Wisconsin

The Northwestern.com

The Winnebago County Child Death Review Team recently released 11 recommendations for ways that Wisconsin communities can help prevent suicides. The overall goal is to identify and reduce risk factors and increase available support. The recommendations address key groups in the community including educators, community organizations, and others who work with youth; parents; youth; and the media. Recommendations include creating a standardized suicide report form to help identify risk factors, with the goal of developing effective prevention strategies; educating educators, parents, and youth about risk factors, how to address them, and available resources; and developing interventions and safe messaging for dealing with the aftermath of a suicide. The recommendations were discussed at a town hall meeting, which was one of 10 forums held across northeast and central Wisconsin in February and March. Input from these 10 town halls will be used to help develop a statewide call to action to be held in Madison on May 5.

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