Nearly 1 in 7 U.S. Kids and Teens Has a Mental Health Condition, and Half Go Untreated, Study Says

March 15, 2019

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According to a recent study, half of U.S. youth with mental health disorders are not receiving treatment. Using national data, researchers found that one in seven children and teens had a mental health disorder and only half of them received treatment in the past year. State-level estimates of youth mental health disorders and treatment varied widely. Barriers to treatment may include prejudice against mental illness, limited insurance coverage, and a shortage of child and adolescent psychiatrists. To help address these challenges, some pediatric health care systems are integrating their mental health and primary care services. At the Healthy Minds, Healthy Kids Initiative at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, mental health specialists work alongside pediatricians. Co-locating services helps build trust with families and makes it easier for young people to get the help they need, said program lead Jennifer Mautone.

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